Rock Bottom

When I look back on the year 2007 I will always have both positive and negative feelings. On one hand, this year sucked. I made little progress to improve my life-my job is worse, I am broke, and I am single and alone. In fact everything is pretty much the same except that I have more “stuff” in my apartment. On the other hand, I finally feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. Sure things could get much worse, I could be homeless, for instance. But for my definition of what I consider to be success and failure this really is the rock bottom.

This experience of rock bottom is very negative to most people, but if one takes a moment to stop and evaluate the situation it can be maybe one of the most positive and rewarding experiences in one life. Why? Well, first it can’t get any worse, you can only stay where you are are or go up, but most importantly is only when someone hits rock bottom do they realize that real change needs to be made.

Nick Saban, coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, knows what I am talking about. He said pretty much the same thing after his team was upset by Louisiana-Monroe this past weekend. He likened the loss to a catastrophic event, like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. “Only when something happens of this magnitude,” I am paraphrasing here, “do people rally together to make significant change.”

I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. I feel like I’m ready to make significant change. So far so good!

Here is an update on my goals:

– Haven’t masturbated or watched porn in 3 days.

– Purchased an e-book for $2 from entitled “31 days to Better Your Finances.” I will follow the activities, one for each day over the course of the next month. Also, I have re-done my budget and hope to look or identify a new job over the course of this weekend.

– Hope to go sarging on this weekend, even if it’s by myself. I know I don’t _need_ to, but I will probably peruse a book or two before I go out. Maybe even get in a few beers to lessen the nerves!


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