The Best Year of My Life (part 1)

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals— that is, goals that do not inspire them.” – Anthony Robbins

I didn’t go out last night.

I had originally planned to, but after being out until 5:30 AM the night before and then going to work at 9 AM, I was just too exhausted to do it. A two hour nap after work didn’t cut it-plus King Lear cancelled on me.

Instead, I turned on the space heater, put on Ken Burns’ The Civil War, and tried to stay awake as long as I possibly could before finally dozing off.

So, today will be my very first goals update. I know I wanted to have the update for Mondays and Thursdays, but I think I will actually go out tomorrow night and have a field report for that night.

I have revised or even abandoned some of my previously stated goals, and added some new ones.

Without further ado:

1. Write on this blog everyday

So far so good. I haven’t missed a day thus far. Having a place to write down my thoughts and reflect has been immensely helpful to me. At first I had some concern that I would run out of things to write, but so far that hasn’t been the case. I actually have a few topics to pull out on rainy days.

This goal goes in tandem with my intention of carrying my notepad with me wherever I go. Having a notepad is great for jotting down thoughts, or things I need to remember to do later.

2. Stop Watching Porn

Quite simply, I don’t think this will happen because I don’t want it to. The main reason I want to stop watching is because I had been spending too much time finding good porn. All this week, I have watched porn only as a reward for getting everything I need to get done.

As far as porn ruining my sex life, I think that’s mostly it’s a problem with the technique I use to masturbate. For the porn I have been watching, I have been practicing the stalin method pretty regularly-masturbating until near climax and then going soft. It’s weird because I have been watching full scenes of porn for the first time in my life. Before, I would skip ahead to the missionary position, whack off, and be done within five minutes. Now I spend a good 30 minutes at the end of my night, wind down, and watch about 30 mins. of a scene. It helps me sleep at night.

3. Meditate Everyday

I fell off on this goal. I meditated twice on Monday and that is it. I want to start waking up early and meditating to start my day, but when I wake up late, this is the first thing to get nixed.

I will make a more concerned effort for this task starting tomorrow.

4. Exercise/Eat healthy

I have yet to start my exercise regiment because I don’t have the $$$ for the gym membership. I have been researching recipes this week, and even made pasta-tuna salad this week. I am not sure I am going to go back to the 5x a day eating schedule, but three hearty meals plus a milkshake or two will definitely be beneficial to me. It will just take some planning.

5. Apply for new job/Graduate School

Well, according to the girl who works there, the job I want is in the bag. They haven’t made an offer yet, but I am hoping on Monday they will seal the deal. If not, I will go back to sending cover letters/resumes out, at least 1/day.

As far as graduate school goes, I should take the GRE, although it’s not required to get into the program here. Last year, I had half an application in, this year, I will put the full one in. DOPE.

6. Meet More Women

Well, on Thursday I went out and opened more than I have ever remembered. I am going out tonight and have a continuation of my glorious Thursday night.

7. Learn How to Drive

I want to take care of this goal before March. I need to get at Hero and schedule some time with him. I will do that tomorrow.  I will also schedule my test for sometime at the end of the month or early February.

8. Finish Rap Album

I didn’t work on this at all this week-this week was really busy with that assignment I had and applying for the new job, but I made a pledge to myself that I will finish a song a week this year. This will be incredibly difficult at the beginning, because I am a slow writer, but eventually it will take me no more than a few hours to write a complete song.

9. Better Management of $$$

I started out this week afraid I had overdrafted my account. I had spent a lot of money over the new years weekend. It turns out that I didn’t overdraft and actually had money to spare. Still, it will be better for my mental health if I avoid those situations.

Earlier this week, I planned out my budget through the end of March. This budget will ostensibly change very soon as I get a new job that pays a significant amount more money. I look forward to being able to pay my college loans, and start chipping away at debt.

And there you have it, my goals. I am very excited about all of them, and am actually surprised because I am doing better than I usually would be doing, mostly in thanks to this blog, which reminds me of them every day. 2009, has been a great year thus far, outside of one very drunken night.

I am sure this is going to be the best year of my life.


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