In Which We Ate Mushrooms…

“I experiment with things [psychedelics] that are usually an internal experience, because that’s just what excites me. And yes, it does sometimes give me visions…” – Tori Amos


I missed a day.

But I’m not too mad at myself. I do wish I had lasted a lot longer, but 24 days in a row is a pretty great streak.

I had planned on writing after I got home from the bar last night, but I was busy.

I spent the day on Saturday being a lazy bum. I had meant to go to zazenkai, but for some reason decided against it and instead read some books, watched some wrestling and slept. It’s funny how the cold outside ruins my motivation to do a lot of things.

I almost contemplated not going out, too. It was PartyGirls’ birthday, and the people that were supposed to give me a ride canceled on me, so that meant I would have to take the bus. I did not want to have to take the bus.

Still, it was my good friends birthday, I really had no choice but to go.

I arrived around 10:30pm at the top 40 club. I had a good time overall, saw some people I hadn’t seen in awhile, and acclimated myself to a top 40 club, which I hadn’t been to in awhile. LOADS of fly women that I didn’t talk to.

Around midnight I realized that I didn’t have a ride home and decided to leave. PartyGirl and her boyfriend were leaving too, so I didn’t feel too bad. I caught a taxi home, put some more wrestling on, and went to bed.

While I was in bed, I sent a few texts out to the redhead, and HipsterGirl, a girl that I had a one night stand with back in November, but we have remained friends. She had told me to get at her this weekend, so I sent her a text on a whim, asking if she wanted to head to after hours. She said, “sure.”

I got out of bed, reluctantly I might add, and headed down to the bar, where it was last call. When I got there, she was talking to the door man who is a cool dude. I paid no attention, grabbed a beer and sat down for a little.

After I finished my beer, we headed to after hours. She ran off and talked to some other dude , and I talked to these other girls that I knew. I was pretty nonchalant the whole time, just really enjoying myself.

At this particular after hours, there is always this girl that is totally in love with me and has been ever since college, but I don’t think she is very attractive and she is also engaged to be married. Still, I think that she is a very nice person.

Anyways, HipsterGirl and I link up again at after hours and strike up some conversation. At one point, I tell her that I have mushrooms. She suggeststhat we go back to my place and eat them.

Sure, I say.

Now, I was tipsy when I agreed to make this decision. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best to make-mushrooms are a very serious drug to do, if this girl freaked out, it would have been a TERRIBLE time, not everyone can keep their shit under control like me. After all, I don’t know her that well.

Anyways, I had nothing to worry about, we had a great time.

I didn’t try anything, not because it was weird since we are on mushrooms, but because I have been hesitant these past couple of days-I don’t know what it is. First with the redhead at the theater, and now with HipsterGirl while we are on mushrooms. I’m just going to have to get over this headspace that prevents me from being as good as I’d like to be.


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