The Best Year of My Life (part 5)

I just had a goals update two days ago, but in an effort to get back on track, I am going to have another one today.

Remember, I re-did a lot of my goals after reading Leo Babauta’s The Power of Less, and coupled with the short time between the last update, this should be a shorter post.

Without further ado:

1. Develop Attraction Skills

Even though I am unemployed, I haven’t increased my social life because I do not want to spend money. Sure, I can go out and simply not drink which I’ve done in the past, but it will still involve money. This is going to be a longer weekend so I will have ample opportunity to go out.

When I do go out, I will remember to be present, confident, and just an overall fun guy. After all, it’s just talking to girls!

2. Learn How to Drive

We had a snow storm here, so my driving practice was canceled yesterday.  I re-scheduled my test for later next month, since the dudes car I’m using will be out of town on the originally scheduled weekend.

3. Look for New Job

Interview on Monday. I’m not too excited about my options right now, though. I’ve been thinking really hard about ways to get myself out of the “entry-level hole.”

4. Better Management of $$$

Being unemployed has me obsessive about being responsible with my money. Any penny that I spend I know stress over. This weekend will be a real test because it’s Super Bowl weekend and I live in Pittsburgh. The *real* test however, will be when I get a steady flow of cash in and stop throwing the money away. I have actually spent exactly less than 30 bucks since Sunday, and half of that went towards paying small bills!

Okay, so I am now going to add one goal and drop two goals:

Add: 5. Take the GRE

Wow, if I ever want to get out of the entry-level hole, this is an absolute necessity. I have full afternoons open to do whatever I want, so being unemployed is a prime time to do this.

Drop: Cut Down on Watching Porn

I changed the way I watch porn and have made it more of a ritual. Now, whenever I think of watching porn I think that it is too much trouble. If I feel I have started watching too much again, I will re-add this goal.

Drop: Write on this blog everyday

I am doing this everyday. Yeah, I missed a day, but that was more because I mis-planned my day. 28 out of 29 days is really really good. Like the porn goal, if I stop posting consistently, I will re-add this goal.

In the end, it feels good to have reduced my goals down to a parse five out of what used to be nine. Hopefully in a months time, I will be able to eliminate two (driving and a new job).

I am working towards accomplishing these goals, I am sure that I will have the best year of my life!


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