Tax Time Blues

I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” – Persian Proverb.

Ugh, tax time.

I would imagine this would be a happy time for most people, and I thought it would be for me too, except that I just figured out I owe $50. I will probably work it so that I don’t owe any money, since I just did them really fast to get an estimate of what would be happening, but still. I was counting on having a sizable return, but I am going to have to make do. This makes getting a job all the more urgent!

I generally try to do write these posts as the last thing I do before I go to sleep, but on nights when I go to the bar, I’m going to write them before I go out. That’s how I got out of the practice of writing last week-I would come home, I’d be way too tired or busy, and just go to sleep.

Not much to really talk about today, I am going to go out in a couple of hours of course. I am going to read some inspirational material and maybe meditate just to get my mind right before I head out.

Today, I woke up early at 9AM (that’s early for me), ran all of the errands I needed to run, and returned home around 2. I did my taxes, goofed around a little, and here I am. A very productive day. I find that it’s helpful if I write everything down I need to do the day before I do them. After I eat breakfast in the morning, I review all of my plans, maybe cross some things out, or add a few, no big deal.


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