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Before I Let Go

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

So, I got fired today.

When I got to work, my boss had given everyone else work to do except for me. I knew something was up. I confronted my boss about it, he said “yeah, you’re probably going to get fired today.”


I was down about it during the afternoon, but by the end of the day, I was okay with it. After all, I had put in my two weeks just a few days ago. Granted, the people I was dealing with were very unprofessional, but it’s all water under the bridge at this point. I would soon be done with them forever.

But being fired leaves me in a place of uncertainty.

I haven’t gotten that job, and am not sure if I am going to get it now. My little birdy that works there says it is a paperwork issue. If that job doesn’t work out, I can go work temporary jobs,  I’ll wait a few more days before I try that out.

Shit, I might even go to Obama’s inauguration in the meantime!

Now that I have written about it, the situation doesn’t seem that bad.

Moving on…

I am a huge fan of Google Apps. One app that I have used in the past and am going to implement a lot more is Google Notebook. Anytime there is a blog post that I feel could be of some use to me later, I copy and paste the information into Google Notebook. I have TONS of PUA and self-improvement articles pasted there for later viewing. Lately, I have been posting recipes to make in the future.

I actually went through my Google Notebook tonight and cleaned out a lot of garbage. It’s amazing to see the kind of blogs that I thought would be important to me a year ago as opposed to right now. I am now able to sift through the bullshit a lot easier.

Tonight I went to a quasi-rave.

I know that I should save my Thursday night post for Friday, but this night was pretty uneventful-I will post my goals update tomorrow, instead.

I went to the quasi-rave because it was my friend, Youngun’s, birthday.

Youngun is a girl that hollered at ME two years ago, and although things didn’t work out, we have remained friends ever since. She was my first girl after The One, and was very helpful in helping me get over her.

Initially, I didn’t want to go, it was COLD outside 9 degrees to be exact, right now it’s -1 degrees. WOW! Instead, I trekked down the street in this cold weather, I thought I was going to be frozen alive!

When I got there, I was  surprised, it was pretty crowded there! Lot of hot hipster girls to talk to.

I didn’t talk to any.

I did talk to Laura for a good bit, who was PLASTERED off of her ass, and another Asian girl that I remembered from another bar, but that’s about it. Most of the girls had left within 30 minutes of me getting there, but that is still no excuse.

I did have a good time, I can’t complain, but I am disappointed in myself. I should have opened some girls. I am going to have to dedicate some time on my off-day to my approach anxiety. I need to get rid of this the best that I can!

A note on the blog title. I was listening to the Frankie Beverly and Maze song as I edited the  post this morning and felt that it’d be very fitting.